The Grapple Annual No.1

The Grapple Annual No.1

Grapple Publishing is a small, independent publisher founded to create beautiful and challenging publications to hook and hold you. The Grapple Annual, the flagship publication, is an anthology featuring fiction, non-fiction, art and comics, each work linked to a date of the Gregorian calendar.

Working alongside founder and editor Duncan Felton, I devise all design, layout and typesetting for the Grapple Annual, as well as illustrating the cover. Our goal was to produce a publication which was inherently tactile, exploring what the physicality of a book can be. The design encourages people to interact with the work in different ways, challenging them to consider the Annual’s themes when reading.

Along the pages runs a simple calendar, with a small strip marking each piece. The back cover links each strip to the contributor whose work it marks. Only 365 copies were printed – one for every day of the year. Each copy is numbered and allocated a date. The Annual is an art object – tactile and beautiful – just as much as it is a collection of brilliant and challenging works.

The first Annual was launched at the 2014 National Young Writers' Festival by Duncan and I wrestling onstage in unitards. You can see a photo of it here.

Client: Grapple Publishing

Services: art direction, illustration, publication design, visual identity