Slinkies Collections & eSingles

Slinkies Collections and eSingles Covers

Spineless Wonders publishes short fiction produced by Australian writers. They specialise in digital publishing (hence “spineless”), distributing eBooks of short, new works by local writers.

I was commissioned by Spineless Wonders to create a series of covers for Slinkies – their series by writers under the age of 30. I produced three covers for the “Collections” and a template to be adapted for the “eSingles”.

Inspired by the publisher’s branding, I hand illustrated a series of invertebrates. For the Collections I drew an assortment of moths, slightly altering the design for each. The wings were inspired by endemic moth species to reflect the Australian bent of the works. The covers reflect the way Slinkies Collections preserves the work of young writers – like moths set in resin in the collection of a museum.

For the eSingles template, I wanted something different but still in line with the Collections branding. The cover features a mayfly – adult mayflies rarely live for more than a day. The mayfly reflects the fleeting nature of the smaller eSingles – designed to be read in a single sitting.

Client: Spineless Wonders

Services: graphic design & illustration